The sale of these select works from the ecoartspace What Matters Most Benefit from 2010 (New York City) will help fund the initial development of two ecoartspace ACTION Guides including Katie Holten's Tree Museum and Tattfoo Tan's SOS projects early 2014. All works 8 X 10 inches, unframed (except miniature by Marion Wilson). Please email to arrange for payment and delivery. 

Happy HOLIDAYS and thanks for your support!!! Amy Lipton and Patricia Watts
Jill Vasileff, Oil-Slick, 2010
Mary Mattingly, Full Moon Over the New City, 2010
Suzan Shutan, Windswept Procreation, 2010
Molly Herman, Tree Blot, 2010
Amy Bassin, Global Warming, 2010
Sandi Slone, Just This, 2010
Nicole Fournier, Imaginary Interconnected 
Organism-Nipolativiness, 2010
Julia Kunin, Untitled (tree with hanging islands), 2010
David Schafer, Public Ecology, 2010
Cathey Billian, 7:10 AM (the wild and scenic edge), 2010
Greg Patch, Infinity 6, 2010
Joan Perlman, Ice Diamond, 2009
Aleta Wolfe, Untitled, 2010
Elisa Pritzker, Zipped, 2010
Lorrie Fredette, Hot and Wet, 2010
Richard Samuelson, Save the Earth, 2010
Joseph Smolinski, Oil and Water, 2010
Claudia Hart, Woman Transforming into Dirt, 2010
Karen Dolmanisth, Crisis, survival management:
daily practice-art/meditation/breathe,
Bill Schuck, Carta, 2010
Sarah Havilland, Vision Tree, 2010

Marion Wilson, Solvay Waste Bed, 2010
(miniature oil painting on glass slide)
Stacy Levy, Cluster Pool, 2010 SOLD
Abigail Stern, Opus Magnum 171, 2010